Central bank: at the end of 10 China's foreign exchange reserves of US $30531


11 2018 08 08:08 on the source of years: Securities Daily

Yesterday, the people's Bank of China announced the latest foreign exchange reserves data show that as of 10 at the end of 2018, China's foreign exchange reserves of US $30531, compared to 9 at the end of a decrease of $33 billion 900 million, a decline of 1.1%.

The State Administration of foreign exchange bureau spokesman Wang Chunying said that in October, China's cross-border capital flow and overall stability, the basic balance of international payments. Affected by the main national monetary policy, Global trade situation, geopolitical situation and other factors, increased volatility in international financial markets, the dollar index rose more than 2%, prices of major national assets adjustment. The comprehensive effect of exchange rate and asset price changes, the size of foreign exchange reserves declined slightly.

Wang Chunying said that this year, the international environment is perplexing, the global economic and financial market uncertainty increased significantly. China's economy is generally stable, steady progress, continue to remain in a reasonable range, the foreign exchange market running smoothly. Preliminary statistics, in October the banking exchange showed a small deficit of around $3 billion, compared to September narrowed more than 80%, the net purchase went over year decline.

In the future, Wang Chunying said that although the external environment is still large uncertainties, but the fundamentals of China's economy steady, with great tenacity and strain capacity, and with the upgrading of China's economic transition and further expand opening up, is conducive to the smooth operation of the cross-border capital flow conditions is still full, China's foreign exchange reserves is expected to fluctuate keep steady.

(commissioning editor Li Dong and Zhu Yifan)

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