The latest progress in Shanghai renntun: through the existing A shares account in

Yang Xin

In November 2018 09, 07:58 source: Guangzhou daily
Original title: through the existing A shares account in

Guangzhou daily news (media reporter Yang Xin) Shanghai renntun business has made new progress. Chinese settlement Thursday "China Securities Clearing Co. Ltd. Shanghai stock exchange and the London Stock Exchange interconnection depository depository and clearing business investors Q" said investors through existing A shares account deposit receipts in Shanghai and London trading settlement business, do not need to open a securities account of new. To Shanghai renntun Chinese business depositary market transactions and related behavior of the company funds are settled in rmb. On the same day Chinese Commission Vice Chairman Fang Xinghai said, "Shanghai renntun" is expected to be launched during the year.

It is reported that, according to the latest release of the China settlement, investors through the existing RMB ordinary shares (hereinafter referred to as "A shares") in Shanghai and London Interbank deposit receipts account transaction settlement business, do not need to open a securities account of new.

At this stage the Shanghai renntun business, depositary receipts back against the generation and conversion mechanism and is mainly composed of cross-border deposit for the trustee, held by investors China depositary receipts cannot be withdrawn for overseas securities based paper stock. Unless otherwise stipulated in China Commission and the Shanghai stock exchange.

Investors hold the deposit issued by the trustee on behalf of foreign based interests in Securities Depository and hold foreign securities based artificial deposit trustee, so investors will appear in the Chinese settlement to deposit the trustee depository receipts register of the holders, but does not appear in the list of shareholders of a company listed overseas, but in order to save the trustee or its entrusted custodian name appears in the register of shareholders of Listed Companies in overseas.

According to the relevant provisions of the Commission, the overseas based securities issuer shall protect the territory depositary holders actually enjoy rights and interests of the holders of securities overseas based equivalent.

(commissioning editor Li Dong and Zhu Yifan)

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