The central bank has dealt with the cash box 602 rejection behavior Xiansheng named Ma

Cui Qibin Wu limit

2018 years 12 months 06 days from 07:59: Beijing Business Today

Beijing daily news (reporter Cui Qibin Wu Xian) reporter learned from the central bank in December 5th this year, the 7-12 month renovation work is the central bank rejected cash centralized rectification period. Since the work carried out, the national total and reject cash behavior 602, through interviews, policy publicity and criticism and education, 558 have been rectification in place, 44 are in process. Focus on government regulation and public services, utility payment, new retail, transportation, catering, scenic spots and other densely populated and foreign places.

According to reports, the central bank Shanghai headquarters recently received the box horse Xiansheng rejected RMB cash after complaints, immediately carry out the investigation. After verification, the horse in the box Xiansheng consumer must use the cash to use App. The choice for the protection of consumers to pay for independent guarantee, especially the elderly residents prefer to use cash in normal life, consumer demand, the central bank Shanghai headquarters for the first time required to make rectification Xiansheng horse box, box horse Xiansheng actively cooperate to carry out rectification work in its stores open cash payment channels.

It is understood that the use of the circulation of RMB in cash, the central bank to carry out remediation work in accordance with the classification regulation idea rejected cash. In November 13th, the business management department of the central bank announced that, since the remediation work launched in Beijing, has achieved results. As of now, the business management department of the central bank has according to the masses and take the initiative to find, handled 30 different types of cash rejection behavior, interviewed 2 well-known enterprises.

In the rejection of cash in the business management department of the central bank pointed out that some parking lot, restaurants and other businesses to staff management is not strict, some enterprises blindly "cashless" wrong idea of improper publicity, some charge window can brush public service units, mobile phone brush card, cannot receive cash etc..

(commissioning editor Li Dong and Zhu Yifan)

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