The central bank and other departments jointly issued a unified bond market law enforcement

Reporter Wu Yu Beijing reported

In December 2018 06, 08:28 source: Economic Information Daily

In recent years, rapid development of China's bond market, the overall smooth standard, but there are some illegal behavior, the bond market needs to further strengthen law enforcement. To this end, China days before the people's Bank and other departments jointly issued a document to strengthen the supervision of law enforcement, strengthen coordination, establish a unified enforcement mechanism of the bond market.

In order to improve the financial supervision system, optimize the allocation of resources supervision, hold no systemic financial risks, approved by the State Council, the people's Bank of Chinese, Securities Regulatory Commission, the national development and Reform Commission jointly issued on Relevant Issues Concerning Further Strengthening the bond market law enforcement work advice.

Clearly, the law enforcement work of the Commission to carry out the unification of the illegal behavior of the inter-bank bond market, the exchange bond market, involving corporate bonds, corporate bonds, non-financial corporate debt financing instruments, financial bonds and other types of bonds varieties of illegal information disclosure, insider trading, stock market manipulation and other acts in violation of the securities law, identify and administrative punishment according to the relevant provisions of the securities law. In the case of a suspected crime investigation, promptly transferred to public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

Opinion that the people's Bank of development and Reform Commission to actively support the Commission to carry out a unified bond market law enforcement work, with the Commission case consultation, the written opinions on professional issues involved in the case, cooperate with the administrative reconsideration and the administrative litigation, the respondent's reply. The people's Bank of development and Reform Commission found that the debt involved in illegal activities clues, timely transferred to the commission.

The people's Bank said that the opinion issued is an important measure to improve the bond market management system in china. The people's Bank, the Commission, development and Reform Commission will be in accordance with the requirements, to further improve the clear division of labor, in close coordination, coordinated and effective cooperation mechanism, and actively carry out a unified bond market law enforcement work, and steadily push forward the implementation of views, to jointly promote the healthy and stable development of the bond market China.

As of the end of 10, China's bond market balance reached 83 trillion and 800 billion yuan, ranking third in the world, second in Asia, the company's credit bonds balance ranked second in the world, first in asia.

(commissioning editor Li Dong and Zhu Yifan)

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