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The 233 premium issued by the classified fund during the year suggests that investors are unable to take advantage of the fire.

Recently, the A share market has entered a period of concussion adjustment. In the public offering fund market, in addition to the high-profile science and Innovation Board fund, the graded fund has seized the eyeballs again and again. There is a graded fund issuing the "Notice of possible non scheduled share conversion" and "grading fund B class share premium risk". It is appropriate to describe the investment income and risk of the classified fund by using "knife edge licking blood" and "chill in the fire".


Cargo base scale increased by 218 billion 500 million yuan per month, the total scale of public offering exceeded 14 trillion yuan.

Yesterday evening, the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association released the latest public fund market data. The results showed that as of the end of February this year, the total size of the public fund has exceeded 14 trillion yuan, reaching 14 trillion and 290 billion yuan.


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